• Below are the most common issues that will be encountered and remember, Google is your friend, so try searching for other issues not listed here.  The last pages are Keyboard commands that are useful, and can be found at the bottom of this document.


    Another location is Chromebook Help via Google – Search for your problem


    On the left you will see a list.  Clicking on the item will take you to the section on the document.


    These quick fixes resolve about 90% of issues with chromebooks and can prevent a trip to the local tech to fix.  Repairs can cause delays in learning and travel to get a replacement, whereas the problem may take only 5 to 10 minutes to fix at home.

    Try each solution and if it does not resolve your problem put in a request to drop off the device for repair.

  • Chromebook not working right

    Any time your chromebook is Acting strange, shut down completely and push the power button to restart.  90% of the time this will resolve your issue. Try Hard reset or Three finger Reset next.

    Hard Reset

    It’s not the ideal way to reboot but can be vital if you’re in a boot loop or facing a frozen screen this will do the trick.

    Be aware that any unsaved work, data, etc will be lost when using this method.

    Press and hold both power and Refresh buttons

  • Three Finger Reset of chomebook

    1st : Press and hold Power button on chromebook.


    2nd: Press and hold ESC and Refresh and Tap Power