District Strategic Plan

  • Dear Mt. Angel Community,

    I am pleased to present this District Strategic Plan as a 5-year comprehensive plan that accurately reflects the values and beliefs of the Mt. Angel community. On August 8th 2016, the Mt. Angel School Board approved a year-long effort to engage the Mt. Angel community in a comprehensive strategic planning process to provide the school district with a 5-year plan to prepare students for college and career readiness. This plan was developed by a committee of 12 members who represented school administrators, teachers, students, parents, local business leaders and community citizens. This planning committee utilized surveys, focus groups and several community meetings from more than 150 community members to collect the beliefs and values of the community, as well as their expectations from Mt. Angel’s schools. This comprehensive Strategic Plan is the start of a district and community effort to prioritize district and school efforts to focus intensively on the practices that have the highest impact on “Inspiring, Challenging and Preparing” students for graduation and life beyond high school, based on the values of the Mt. Angel community. This plan is a dynamic document that will be monitored and revised each year by the school board and the district will continue to listen to the community’s voice as we move forward.

    Mt. Angel Schools continue to strive to “Inspire, Challenge & Prepare” students. The adoption of the AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) system district-wide is the first indicator in this plan to achieve our goal of having all students on track to graduate and be prepared with a plan for life beyond high school. Mt. Angel Schools and facilities have been renovated over the past 4 years and are safe, secure and welcoming to all who are served. Thank you for your commitment to making Mt. Angel a great place to learn, live and grow.

    Troy Stoops

Strategic Plan Documents

"Inspire, Challenge & Prepare..."

  • The Mt. Angel School District consists of one elementary school, one middle school, and a high school. Approximately 706 bright and wonderful students learn and share inspiration with 50 certified teachers, 41 classified support staff and 5 administrators.
    The community of Mt. Angel is located in the Mid-Willamette Valley, approximately 40 minutes south of Portland, Oregon.  With a population of 3,700 people, Mt. Angel is a quaint Bavarian town, home to the world-famous Oktoberfest held each September. Other local attractions include the Mt. Angel Abbey, which holds the annual Abbey Bach Festival; the Queen of Angels Priory; and nearby Silver Falls State Park with beautiful hiking trails. The Mt. Angel region boasts a mild climate, beautiful scenery, and many recreational opportunities.
    Mt. Angel School District is an equal opportunity employer and educator that fully and actively supports equal access for all people, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, age, national origin, veteran status, disability or genetic information.  Additionally, we prohibit retaliation against individuals who oppose such discrimination and harassment or who participate in an equal opportunity investigation.