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Free & Reduced Meals


The 2022 - 2023 Free and Reduced Meal

Application is now open!

Frequently Asked Questions TO APPLY ONLINE

If you think you don't qualify, Oregon has adjusted the income guidelines...


Free and Reduced Meals - Additional information

  • Federal and Oregon expanded income guidelines:
  • The online applications will not work on an Apple computer, iPad or cell phone. 
  • All SNAP recipients must provide a case number. 
  • Only one application needed per household. 
  • If you need any assistance or have questions please contact Eva Briseno (503) 845-2345 after August 1. 

Mealtime Online (meal payment program)

  • MealTime Online Information:
  • To deposit money in your Mealtime account go to: 
  • To create a Mealtime account, you will need the StudentID located on the label that is on the front page of this letter.
  • The minimum deposit online amount is $20.00 with a Mealtime account.
  • Mealtime Online charges a 4.9% transaction fee.
  • Payment online is NOT required, schools can accept cash or check for MealTime account deposits.

More Information 

  • Meal Prices and Meal Charge Policy
  • Deposits will post to your student’s account daily at 2:00 AM.
  • Any leftover balance at the end of the school year will stay in the students' account for the following school year or can be transferred to a siblings' account at the request of the parent/guardian. 
    • A “My MealTime” app is available through the App Store for smart phone users. 
    • Families with multiple students enrolled in MASD can request a family account by contacting their school or call Stacy Kleinschmit at Nutrition Services (503) 845-2345. 
    • Family accounts will allow you to make one deposit for all your students and not individually.