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Student Success Act/Student Investment Act

Student Success Act

During the 2019 legislative session, Oregon’s leaders made a real commitment to our children, our educators, our schools and our state with the passage of the Student Success Act. When fully implemented, the Student Success Act is expected to invest approximately $2.35 billion in Oregon education every two years; that’s over $1 billion investment in early learning and K-12 education each year. Of those funds, approximately $700 million goes into the State School Fund and the remaining is distributed into three accounts: the Early Learning Account, the Student Investment Account and the Statewide Education Initiatives Account.

At the heart of the SSA is a commitment to improving access and opportunities for students who have been historically underserved in the education system.

SSA One-Pager: 2021-2023 Student Success Act: Program Funding

SSA Funding Flow Chart:  2021-2023 Student Success Act: Legislatively Adopted Budget

Student Investment Account

The Student Investment Account (SIA) is the K-12 portion of the funding approved by the Oregon Legislature in the Student Success Act. This funding is designed to improve achievement in schools and to reduce achievement gaps in historically underserved student populations.

There are two stated purposes for the funds distributed under the Student Investment Account:

  1. Meet students’ mental or behavioral health needs, and
  2. Increase academic achievement for students, including reducing academic disparities for:
  • Economically disadvantaged students;
  • Students from racial or ethnic groups that have historically experienced academic disparities;
  • Students with disabilities;
  • Students who are English language learners;
  • Students who are foster children;
  • Students who are homeless; and
  • Any other student groups that have historically experienced academic disparities, as determined by the State Board of Education.

Student Investment Account Grant Agreement

Student Investment Account Annual Report