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  • TAG and Mt. Angel School District
    Mt. Angel School District is committed to identifying students across grade levels who meet the criteria for Talented and Gifted programs.  We believe that intellectual and academic gifted students can be found across all demographics.  In Mt. Angel, we do our best to seek out these students and provide them with an individualized program to meet his/her needs and increase skills in specific content areas and curricular activities. Individualized instruction can take many forms and include: 
    • Accelerated pace of instruction
    • Raising instructional level
    • Changing content
    • Modifying the product required of the student
    • Varying the process by which the student requires knowledge
    Usually combining these modifications is most supportive.  The classroom teacher is responsible for assuring the needs of Talented and Gifted students are met.  Many assessment measures are used by teachers to determine the need for differentiation of curriculum.