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    Success at our new Community Transition Program!

    Our District opened a Community Transition Program in 2015.   This is very exciting for serving the variety of students in our Mt. Angel schools and community.  This program serves primarily students ages 16-21 who are working toward or have already graduated with a non-standard diploma.  McKenna Kuhns is our teacher and our District has worked diligently to build an outstanding program including strong community relationships.  We are very proud of this program and our students.

    Erica Gordon
    Special Education Director
    Special Education Service
    Mt. Angel School District is proud to be able to provide quality special education services to students with disabilities.  Students in kindergarten through age 21, who meet eligibility criteria under the law (Individuals with Disabilities Education Act - IDEA) and demonstrate educational need, receive special education services through an Individualized Education Plan (IEP).  Mt. Angel School District operates under the following beliefs: 
    • Special education services should be brought to the student within the least restrictive educational setting.  
    • Students with disabilities should have access and exposure to rich instructional, curricular, and social opportunities that general education offers. 
    • Special education students will be held to rigorous academic standards and expectations. 
    • Staff are committed to being accountable for meaningful student progress. 
    • Parents are essential partners in educational decisions.