Mt Angel School District Public Complaint Procedure

  •  Our Public Complaint Procedure as laid out by OSBA codes KL and KL-AR

    The official documents are linked below.

    Step One

    Any member of the public who wishes to express a concern should discuss the matter with the school employee involved. The employee shall respond within five working days.

    Step Two: The Administrator

    If the individual is unable to resolve a problem or concern with the employee, the individual may file a written, signed complaint with the administrator. The administrator shall evaluate the complaint and render a decision within five working days after receiving the complaint.

    Step Three: The Superintendent

    If Step 2 does not resolve the complaint, within 10 working days of the meeting with the administrator, the complainant, if he/she wishes to pursue the action, shall file a signed, written complaint with the superintendent or designee clearly stating the nature of the complaint and a suggested remedy. (A form is available, but is not required.) The superintendent or designee shall investigate the complaint, confer with the complainant and the parties involved and prepare a report of his/her findings and conclusion and provide the report in writing or in an electronic form to the complainant within 10 working days after receiving the written complaint.

    Step Four: The Board

    If the complainant is dissatisfied with the superintendent’s or designee’s findings and conclusion, the complainant may appeal the decision to the Board within five working days of receiving the superintendent’s decision. The Board may hold a hearing to review the findings and conclusion of the superintendent, to hear the complaint and to hear and evaluate any other evidence as it deems appropriate. All parties involved, including the school administration, may be asked to attend such hearing for the purposes of making further explanations and clarifying the issues. If the Board chooses not to hear the complaint, the superintendent’s decision is final. The Board may hold the hearing in executive session if the subject matter qualifies under Oregon law.

    The complainant shall be informed in writing or in electronic form of the Board’s decision within 20 working days from the hearing of the appeal by the Board. The Board’s decision will address each allegation in the complaint and contain reasons for the district’s decision. The Board’s decision will be final. Public Complaint Procedure - KL-AR 1-3 The complaint procedure set out above will not be longer than 90 days from the filing date of the original complaint with the administrator.