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Kennedy At-Risk Encouragement (K.A.R.E.)

Use the following documents and expectations for K.A.R.E.
1. Virtue of the Week
a.   Share/discuss one or two comments from the materials that are distributed each week and how the virtue applies to our everyday lives.
2.   Current grades and assignments
a.   Ask for weekly printouts to go over missing assignments or which subjects need the most studying.
b.   Office will send out weekly grade sheets on each student every Monday morning.
3.   Planners and Organization
a.   Every student was given a planner at the beginning of the school year. This is the only source of organization for most students. Writing down assignments, crossing off finished assignments, and prioritizing time and tasks is a must for student success.
4.   Are they prepared?
a.   We have donated supplies if students have a need. Check with Reagan if your student is in need.
b.   Are they attending school regularly and on time? Search for possible obstacles that may be preventing them from being prepared.
5.   What help is needed?
a.   Can you provide the assistance they need, or do you need to help them get make contact with the appropriate teacher, coach or even parent?
b.   Tooth ache without access to dental care, hungry, homeless, poor vision without glasses? These are all very real obstacles to student success. Please let Troy or Carol know if you suspect a need that you need help with.
6.   Math Tutoring daily – 7:00-7:50AM & 3:00-4:00PM
a.   Students are not accessing this resource.
b.   Students can also use this space and time just to work on homework, not just for math.
c.    Math tutor time is also counted as detentions for those needing to serve detentions.
7.   Make contact with the teacher.
a.   You can be a great asset for the teacher of the class a student is struggling in. Communicate the students’ situation or needs to the teacher. We are all in this together, the better the communication the better the chance for student success.
8.   Make contact with the parent (teacher’s responsibility).
a.   If you determine a need for communication with the student’s parents, please notify the classroom teacher. They need to be the person to make the contact. 
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